The Wickramasinghe laboratory uses cutting-edge cell biology, molecular biology and genetic approaches to understand a critical step in gene expression, messenger RNA export. Nuclear export of mRNA to the cytoplasm is required for gene expression and is deregulated in cancer.

Our ultimate goal is to use these fundamental biological insights to develop novel first-in-class inhibitors to treat cancer.

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Research projects

Mechanisms of regulating gene expression via selective mRNA transport

A critical step in the gene expression pathway that is altered in cancer is nuclear export of mRNA. We have demonstrated that mRNA export is not constitutive, but highly selective and can regulate distinct biological processes through poorly understood mechanisms. This project aims to dissect the molecular mechanisms of regulating gene expression via selective mRNA transport. This will establish selective mRNA export as a novel area of research in cancer biology.

Exploiting messenger RNA export as a novel therapeutic strategy to treat cancer

Novel therapies for cancers represent an area of unmet clinical need. We have identified a new biological pathway implicated in cancer, namely selective mRNA export. Compounds inhibiting other steps of the gene expression pathway are promising therapeutic candidates for cancer, yet mRNA export inhibitors do not exist. We propose to develop first-in-class inhibitors of mRNA export that selectively target transcriptionally addicted cancers with dysregulated RNA processing.


Dr. Kirsty Carey, Postdoctoral Scientist
Linh Ngo, Graduate Research Assistant
Toby Williams, Postgraduate Student
The Wickramasinghe Lab team

Key publications

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