EXPECT: Exploration of Patient Experience of communication in Clinical drug Trials

This study comprised two components: a Cross-sectional survey to understand patient experience of clinical drug trials across the participation trajectory, and a comprehensive unit evaluation


The Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit (PCCTU) is the largest clinical trials unit in Australia, with over 120 research staff working across 10 multidisciplinary clinical trials teams to provide research support for patients enrolled in trials across Peter Mac, Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Royal Women’s hospital.

This unit is growing exponentially with the rise of immunotherapies and other novel treatments. It is a priority of the unit to ensure that care provided to participants on trial remains of high quality during this time of rapid growth.

This study was therefore conducted to assist the PCCTU in reviewing current patient care and communication practices in order to understand key areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Outputs of this work will guide ongoing unit strategy development, and consumer engagement projects.


Conducted within Health Service Research, the aim of EXPECT is to:

1. To explore patient experience and perspectives of clinical drug trials, particularly the communication with the communication from the PCCTU team.

2. To describe communication strategies currently being employed by PCCTU staff with both patients and internal stakeholders; and,

3. To evaluate these strategies across key domains of health system performance: effectiveness, appropriateness, efficiency and quality


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit

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Ms Amelia Hyatt

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Project Lead: Rowan Forbes Shepherd

Research Support: Ashleigh Bradford

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Ms Amelia Hyatt

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