Managing Confidentiality

Any public disclosure of any form anywhere in the world destroys your chances of filing patent applications.

​At the same time, development of your work may necessarily require that you disclose your work to potential collaborators, funding agencies, etc. The following guidelines should be followed:

​Check the terms under which any grant filings or publication drafts are submitted. In many cases these submissions are regarded as confidential and the reviewers are under an obligation of confidence, but this is not always the case.

  • Ensure discussion of your work at Peter Mac occurs in lab meetings and hubs only. These are internal forums and you should ensure that no-one other than Peter Mac staff attends without first signing a confidentiality agreement. Label any slides with the word “CONFIDENTIAL” in the footer. Seminars are external events and open to non-Peter Mac staff.
    Do not discuss other people’s work outside of Peter Mac, other than for work that has been already published.

If you need to enter into discussions with potential funders or collaborators, contact the TTO in advance of your meeting to arrange a confidentiality agreement. Label any written materials with the word "CONFIDENTIAL". Agreement to confidentiality must be made before the meeting, not after, and an Authorised Signatory of Peter Mac is required to sign.