Partnering with Peter Mac

Peter Mac houses the largest group of laboratory-based cancer researchers in Australia working in close collaboration with clinical cancer experts.

We offer industry a range of opportunities for collaborative or contract research
and development. Our highly-trained laboratory scientists offer pre-clinical drug development services, with access to sophisticated animal models of cancer, cutting edge genomic facilities and a range of human tissue banks.

We also provide opportunities to have leading researchers and clinicians provide expert advice and be actively involved in new research programs from the earliest stages. Many of our laboratories have pioneered new technologies in -house that are open to licensing and further development. 

​If you are interested in anything from emerging technologies to licensing opportunities at Peter Mac, contact the TTO for further information.

​Areas of interest

  • Immuno-oncology

  • Checkpoint inhibitors

  • Cell therapies

  • Cancer genomics and genetics

  • Cancer signalling and molecular oncology