Submitting a new project: governance review

The separation of responsibility for the governance of research from ethical review of that research is a key concept underpinning the introduction of multisite ethical review models in Victoria and elsewhere.

While always implicit in review of research, the introduction of these models and the 2007 release of major Australian guidelines for Responsible Conduct of Research and Ethical Conduct in Human Research clarified the need to separate the processes for ethical review of research and a research site’s responsibility to assess the project and authorise its conduct at the site.

The preparation of the documents that form the Governance Application can begin before the submission of a project for ethical review. The preparation of the Site Specific Assessment form, the collection of signatures and supporting department approvals and in particular the negotiation of the contract, if needed, is time consuming and early preparation is required to allow for prompt governance approval after ethical approval has been issued.

Governance review of research projects is carried out by the staff of the Ethics Committee Secretariat, in particular the Research Governance Officer, and authorisation to conduct a research project at Peter Mac is issued by the Ethics Committee Secretariat.

Governance applications are not reviewed by a committee and can be submitted at any time.

Governance review pathways summary

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