Peter Mac Human research ethics committee

Research projects with more than a low level of risk must be reviewed by the full Ethics Committee, e.g. clinical trials, clinical research projects and laboratory research projects.

Also low risk research projects being reviewed for sites outside of Victoria must be reviewed by the full Ethics Committee.

Submission due dates

See Submission Dates and Fees for upcoming submission dates for ethical review meetings.

Important – ERM has replaced Online Forms

The Online Forms site has transitioned to a new system called ERM (Ethics Review Manager). From 16 July 2018 to create, submit and manage your ethics and research governance applications use ERM.

See ERM fact sheet  


Note that some of documents and forms or sections of forms may NOT be applicable to your particular project.

I. Ethics Application Forms/Documents

II. Project Documents

  • Protocol
  • Investigator’s Brochure, if applicable
  • Participant Information and Consent form/s Section 5 and section 8 in this link provide the required template PICFs for different types of research and different consent situations. Multisite ethical review – provide a master PICF. Single site ethical review – provide a PICF on Peter Mac letterheadFind Peter Mac site contact details for use in PICFs here . For access to Peter Mac letterhead contact ethics or access through the staff portal if you are a Peter Mac staff member.
  • NOTE: The PICF is for the use of prospective participants and should be written using clear and plain language appropriate for a general audience. Some tips for writing a PICF:
    • It is simple and straightforward.
    • The language used is easy to understand and the writing is in conversational (lounge room) style.
    • There is little or no technical jargon. Use of acronyms is kept to a minimum. If used they are clearly explained.
    • The content is written in the second person (you/your).
    • Sentences are structured with no more than 15 words, 7-10 words are even better. Mono-syllabic words are used in preference to poly-syllabic.
    • Other project documents e.g. questionnaire, diary, participant card, information brochures

NOTE: Project documents must have a version/date inserted in the footer of all pages e.g. version X dated day month year. This provides for quick and accurate identification of the current approved documents to be used by the project team.


  • Please ensure that all required documents are completed and that the electronic files are clearly labelled.
  • Submit all forms and project documents. 
  • The HREC Only indemnity is the only document required in hard copy, please deliver or post as per the below:

Hand delivery address:

Ethics Committee Secretariat

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Level 4, 305 Grattan Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Postal address:

Ethics Committee Secretariat

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Locked Bag 1 A'Beckett St 

Melbourne, VIC 8006

The Coordinating Principal Investigator or Principal Investigator will be advised of the outcome of the review and any further queries or requirements.


Governance review is also required for projects to be undertaken at Peter Mac. For detailed information about the requirements for a Peter Mac Governance Review application, please refer to Governance Review.