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Yan S, Xuan J, Brajanovski N, Tancock MRC, Madhamshettiwar PB, Simpson KJ, Ellis S, Kang J, Cullinane C, Sheppard KE, Hannan KM, Hannan RD, Sanij E, Pearson RB, Chan KT. The RNA polymerase I transcription inhibitor CX-5461 cooperates with topoisomerase 1 inhibition by enhancing the DNA damage response in homologous recombination-proficient high-grade serous ovarian cancer. Br J Cancer 2020

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Gotovac JR, Liu DS, Yates MJ, Milne JV, Macpherson AA, Simpson KJ, Eslick GD, Mitchell C, Duong CP, Phillips WA, Clemons NJ. GRB7 is an oncogenic driver and potential therapeutic target in oesophageal adenocarcinoma. J Path 2020

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PUBLICATIONS of interest

Fuchs F, Pau G, Kranz D, Skylar O, Budjan C, Steinbrink S, Horn T, Pedal A, Huber W, Boutros M. Clustering phenotype populations by genome-wide RNAi and multiparametric imaging. Mol Syst Biol. 2010; 6:370.

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