Online resources

CAHM Workshop content (Recordings available via our YouTube page)
Intro to OPAL mIHCAn introduction to how to perform multiplex immunohistochemistry using OPAL staining
FIJI for BeginnersLearn how to open and visualise microscopy data using FIJI
FIJI for QuantificationLearn how to extract quantitative data using FIJI
Online resources
SpectraviewerLook up excitation and emission spectra for each of your fluorophores (Thermo Fisher fluorophores)
FPbaseLook up all details about fluorescent proteins (Ex, Em, EC, QY, Brightness, pKa, lifetime, photostability, sequence)
Nyquist calculatorWork out the correct sampling rate for your experiment
Analysis software
ImarisOnline tutorials and webinars on how to use Imaris
VolocityOnline tutorials on how to use Volocity
ArivisOnline tutorials on how to use Arivis
Halo/InFormAkoya academy, webinars in sample prep and image analysis of mIHC
Zeiss software  Download the lite version of Zen Blue or Zen Black
Leica softwareDownload the lite version of LAS X
OlympusDownload software for opening files from confocal and slide scanners
NikonDownload NIS Elements viewer
FIJI (Image J)Download FIJI for Windows, MacOS, Linux
QuPathDownload QuPath
Online learning
iBiology Microscopy series
MyScope Microscopy training
Leica Science Lab
Zeiss Education in Microscopy
Nikon MicroscopyU
Olympus Microscopy Resource Centre