The Genotyping Core facility offers researchers an efficient and cost-effective genotyping service, as well as cell line testing for mycoplasma contamination.

Genotyping Core equipment

The aim of the Genotyping Core is to provide support to research groups within Peter Mac, within the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) and external to the VCCC. Our Parkville location is very convenient for researchers in the Parkville precinct.

We provide a comprehensive service, from preparation of genomic DNA from tissue samples all the way to reporting of genotypes (and upload of genotypes into your preferred database where possible).

The Genotyping team has expertise in mouse genotyping and has been providing genotyping services internally at Peter Mac for 12+ years. Now officially a Peter Mac Core facility, the Genotyping Core is keen to assist researchers external to Peter Mac through provision of convenient, timely, high-quality genotyping services, as well as cell line mycoplasma testing services.



  • Range of methods used:
    • PCR
    • qPCR, including Taqman / KASP assays / melt curve analysis
    • FACS (phenotyping to determine genotype)
  • Assay development and optimisation, free of charge
  • Affordable pricing includes testing of multiple genes

Mycoplasma testing

  • PCR-based test based on an established method (J Immunol Methods 1993; 164:91-100)
  • Detects 16S rRNA of more than 25 different mycoplasma species, including those most commonly found in cell cultures


  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • Fast turn-around time – results within 5 working days
  • Convenient and local for the Parkville precinct:
    • Internal users / VCCC building partners:
      • Sample drop-off at Genotyping Core (for genotyping, Peter Mac animal technicians deliver samples directly)
      • Mycoplasma testing requests submitted via iLab
      • Genotype results uploaded to Tick @ Lab
      • Billing via iLab
    • External users:
      • Sample drop-off at VCCC, or send via Express Post
      • Testing requests submitted via iLab
      • Billing via iLab


Genotyping and cell line mycoplasma test services are available to all VCCC members and external users. For further information about pricing and sample submission please contact us.


Jade Cooke (BBiolSc) and (GCertEpi): Genotyping Core Manager. Specialised in molecular biology, with an interest in genetics, cancer research and epidemiology. Niche expertise: genotyping via PCR, qPCR and flow cytometry; assay development; workflow automation; process improvement.
[email protected]


Jade Cooke

Phone: (03) 8559 8091

Email: [email protected]

Team email: [email protected]


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