Centre for Advanced Histology & Microscopy (CAHM)

The Centre for Advanced Histology and Microscopy (CAHM) underpins a multitude of cancer research projects and houses four core platforms:

  1. Histology.
  2. Optical Microscopy, which houses a suite of state-of-the-art high-end optical microscopes, including laser scanning confocal microscopes, a multimodal super resolution microscope, a dual laser multiphoton microscope, a laser capture microscope, and spatial proteomics and transciptomics equipment
  3. Electron Microscopy, inclusive of both transmission and scanning electron microscopy.
  4. Image Analysis.

Importantly, researchers utilising CAHM receive support, training and advice from expert technical scientists.

Facility use

Use of the facility is available to all VCCC members and external users, subject to availability.

Research Staff

Interim Head

Dr Metta Jana

Research Assistants

Leah Adolph

Judy Borg

Alysha Dew

Dr Han Aw Yeang

Dr Rejhan Idrizi

Dhanya Menon

Basia Przybylowski

Funding Acknowledgements

  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Australian Research Council
  • ARC-LIEF grant
  • CASS Foundation
  • Jack Brockhoff Foundation
  • William Buckland Foundation
  • Philip Bushell Foundation
  • ANZ Charitable Trust
  • Ramaciotti Foundation
  • Permanent Trustee
  • Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Fund
  • State Trustees
  • Perpetual Trustees
  • Collier Charitable Fund
  • Trust Company of Australia Ltd
  • William Angliss Charitable Fund
  • The Syd and Ann Wellard Perpetual Trust
  • Marian and E.H. Flack Trust
  • Firefighters Charity Fund

More Information


Dr Metta Jana

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

For EM enquires: [email protected]