Licensing opportunities

Technologies available for partnering or licensing:

CAR-T Cell Therapy-Related Technologies

  • CAR-T cell therapy engineered to express Flt3-Ligand
  • SwitchCAR; converts TGFbeta signalling into immunostimulation in the tumour microenvironment
  • CRISPR engineering methods for armoured CAR-T cell therapies

Biomarker technologies

  • Prognostic biomarker Stefin A for predicting disease progression in pre-invasive breast cancer
  • Bioinformatic analysis methods for circulating tumour DNA, for monitoring disease burden and genomic changes in cancer

Other oncology technologies

  • Selective small molecule inhibitors of mRNA export for the treatment of cancer
  • Novel inhibitors of perforin for the treatment of leishmaniasis and cancer
  • CRISPR Cas13b methods for precision silencing of gene fusions and somatic point mutations

Peter Mac has a broad portfolio of early stage research opportunities available for partnering and/or licensing.

For any licensing and partnering enquiries, please contact the Commercialisation Team.