Pilot Clinical Trial Program

Over recent years, Peter Mac has maintained a substantial portfolio of CAR-T and cellular immunotherapy clinical trials, including industry sponsored and investigator initiated. From July 2020 (and during COVID) a maximum eight CAR-T clinical trials have been running at any time, including both allogeneic and autologous products that treat mostly blood but also solid cancers.

With the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy Pilot Clinical Trial Program and through increased industry engagement with the Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy, additional CAR-T clinical trials are in preparation with more expected in the near future, including more for treating solid tumours.


  • Strong scientific and clinical rationale with demonstration of high scientific quality
  • innovative concept – we do not aim to fund replicas of existing therapies
  • High degree of scientific and clinical feasibility
  • Commercially viable concept with freedom to operate
  • Novel targets
  • Innovative platforms for delivery
  • Novel combination approaches to increase persistence and potency
  • Disease indications with unmet need for cell-based therapies
  • Commercially viable concepts with potential to generate Australian-owned IP
  • Required preclinical/safety development
  • Tech transfer, manufacturing scale-up/process development
  • Materials for manufacturing
  • Regulatory and ethics approvals
  • 6 patient proof-of-concept Peter Mac sponsored clinical trial/dose manufacture
  • Universities
  • Medical research institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Commercialisation units of the above institutions
  • Australian for-profit enterprises such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies