Centre of Excellence Team

Meet the CoE CIT teams: Leadership, Program, Clinical and Transnational Laboratory teams, as well as our Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC).


To ensure success, the Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy regularly connects and collaborates with various teams across the organisation.  The CoE CIT houses a number of internal teams with unique skill sets to ensure that CoE CIT programs as executed efficiently and to the highest standard. 

Meet the CoE CIT Teams

Haematologist and Disease Group Lead: Myeloma at the VCCC and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Director of Clinical Apheresis, Clinician scientist in the Sir Peter MacCallum department of Oncology, Melbourne University.

Professor Simon Harrison - Director

Chief Scientist, Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy, Group Leader

A/Prof Jane Oliaro - Chief Scientist

Dr Gretchen Poortinga - Program Operations Director

Executive Director of Business Ventures

A/Prof Dominic Wall - Executive Director, Business Ventures

Dr Gretchen Poortinga - Program Operations Director

Theresa Connor - Project Manager

Georgie Broadby - Executive Assistant 

  • Professor Simon Harrison - Director, CoE CIT (chair)
  • A/Prof Dominic Wall - Executive Director, Business Ventures; CSO Cell Therapies
  • A/Prof Jane Oliaro - Chief Scientist, CoE CIT
  • Dr Gretchen Poortinga - Program Operations Director
  • Dr Amanda Reese - Director, Commercialisation 
  • Dr Kirsten Herbert - CMO, Cell Therapies PL 
  • A/Prof Jayesh Desai - Associate Director, Clinical Research ; Head, Early Drug Development (EDD)/Phase One Program; Deputy Director, Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit (PCCTU) 
  • Prof Mark Dawson - Associate Director, Translational Research; Representative of Research Executive, Cancer Research
  • Prof Phil Darcy - Representative Senior Group Leader, Cancer Immunology Program 
  • A/Prof Michael Dickinson - Representative CAR-T Haematologist; CAR-T Clinical Service Consultant and Disease Group Lead 
  • Prof Ben Solomon - Representative CAR-T Medical Oncologist 
  • Prof Saar Gill (University of Pennsylvania) - Representative International Member
  • Prof Michael Brown (Centre for Cancer Biology, Couth Australia) - Representative National Member
  • Prof Ken Micklethwaite (Westmead Institute for Medical Research, New South Wales) - Representative National Member