About the CoE CIT

The Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy (CoE CIT) is a fully-funded program that - will commit funds to co-develop and manufacture innovative, cell-based immunotherapy concepts with our partners for rapid translation into pilot clinical trials with potential for commercial outcomes.

Through translation of novel cell-based immunotherapies, the CoE CIT will facilitate early and affordable access of these practice-changing therapies for cancer patients in Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. Development of, and access to these therapies will come from increased focus and capacity of three avenues within the centre:

Building increased capabilities and capacities to advance cancer care

The Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy is funded by a $105 million co-investment from the Federal Government, Cell Therapies Pty Ltd & the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.  This capital funding has been used to increase capabilities over CoE CIT's 3 pillars of excellence:

  • Translational Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Clinical Research.

The CoE CIT is supported by partners in various heath sectors who, in total, enable the centre to provide access to cutting-edge patient care:

  • Increase the capability of clinical trials, building on Peter Mac’s current trials in adoptive immunotherapy.
  • Create a new Australian bio-manufacturing industry centred in Melbourne by identifying and supporting new research and development.
  • Increase capital investment for the development of a national centre that will provide standard of care and also advance novel cellular immunotherapy treatments.
  • Create commercial opportunities for innovative Australian research, based on protecting new IP.