Taking Care of Staff: The development of a practice based model of supervision within an Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Service

The increased prevalence of cancer in young people ensures that healthcare professionals working in the field of adolescent & young adult (AYA) oncology will be faced with more challenges that ever before with patients and their families, especially in the hospital environment. The literature demonstrates that oncology professionals are at particular risk of burnout, compassion fatigue/secondary traumatic stress and job related stress. The primary aim of this study is to develop a multidisciplinary practice based model of supervision within an adolescent & young adult cancer service, to promote health professionals physical and emotional wellbeing, ongoing professional growth and development and retainment in the AYA oncology field.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Principal Investigator/s

Ms Kate Thompson

Manager: ONTrac At Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent And Young Adult Cancer Service

Contact Details

Ms Kate Thompson

Principal Investigator

Email: [email protected]