Recovery, health and wellbeing: An exercise and self-management program for AYA cancer survivors.

Recognition is growing across the health sector that AYA cancer survivors have unique care and support needs that differ from younger children and older adults. For many young people, a diagnosis of cancer can be highly challenging as the timing of ill-health coincides with critical transformations of growth and reproductive capacity, neurocognitive, emotional and social maturation, education and employment. It is the complexity of this life stage that is now recognised as influencing the poorer long term health outcomes of AYAs in comparison to survivors of childhood cancer and their healthy peers. The proposed 8 week program of 3 hour sessions will incorporate:

  1. a physical activity component including: community walks, group based sporting activity and/or a gymnasium session; followed by
  2. a psycho-educational session on a wide range of topics including: readjusting to life after cancer, fatigue management, diet & healthy eating, managing stress, worry and fear of recurrence, negotiating new relationships (friends, family and intimate), education and career planning and developing new supports within your community and with your GP.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Principal Investigator/s

Mr Andrew Smith

Mr Andrew Murnane

Exercise physiologist

Contact details

Mr Andrew Murnane

Email: [email protected]