An exploratory study into the experience for healthcare professionals in caring for Adolescent & Young Adults (AYA) with cancer when cure is no longer the goal of care

AYA with incurable cancer are a unique patient group with some evidence supporting clinicians’ identification of this work as emotionally taxing. This study sought to obtain a broader understanding of the experience of clinicians across professional disciplines delivering care to young people living with incurable disease. The study comprised 40 participants. It was conducted over two phases namely focus groups and semi-structured in-depth interviews. Key recommendations reflect need for tailored education, training and clinician support to enhance confidence in care delivery and improve patient outcomes.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Principal Investigator/s

Ms Ilana Berger

Senior Social Worker: ONTrac at Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Service

Contact details

Ms Ilana Berger

Principal Investigator

Email: [email protected]

Publications & presentations

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