CASCADE-PIPS: Why patients consent to a rapid autopsy program at the end of life?

CASCADE is a research program enrolling patients with advanced metastatic disease who consent to undergo rapid autopsy following death. Individuals with metastatic disease are consented to CASCADE when they reach the end of life stage, and understand that there are no further curative options available. The aims of CASCADE-PIPS are to:

  • explore participants’ experiences of consenting to CASCADE, including their experience of the recruitment process, how they made a decision to participate, and the role of their family members in the consent process; and
  • examine the factors that inform participants’ motivation for taking part in CASCADE including the role of altruism, perceived benefits of research for themselves, their families and the cancer community.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation Grant


Postdoctoral Fellow; Group leader: Psychosocial Cancer Genetics Research Group


Dr Laura Forrest
Email: [email protected]