Evaluation of Telephone Genetic Counselling to Facilitate BRCA1/2 Testing

The project aims to evaluate the telephone genetic counselling service offering BRCA1/2 testing for women with high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

In particular, this study aims to examine women’s beliefs about the acceptability and feasibility of the service and its impact on decision-making regarding genetic testing. Specifically, the survey will investigate the impact of telephone genetic counselling on informed decision-making, decision-regret, psychological distress and satisfaction with the genetic counsellor interaction. In addition, the study aims to determine women’s reasons for using the telephone service over other options (e.g., attending a Familial Cancer Centre or Genetics Service for a face-to-face appointment) and identify potential barriers to accessing genetic health services experienced by women with ovarian cancer.




Postdoctoral Fellow; Group leader: Psychosocial Cancer Genetics Research Group


Ms Joanne McKinley

Research Coordinator

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