PRISMS: The patient remote intervention and symptom management system (Phase III RCT)

Cancer patients receiving outpatient chemotherapy treatments are required to monitor and initiate self care activities at home to manage the side effects of their treatment. In haematological (blood) cancer patients such side effects can be severe and sometimes life-threatening. Developing systems to improve real time patient support and communication with the health care team are therefore a priority to improve the care of haematological cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

The aim of this study is to test if a mobile phone based system can:

  1. Support patients to monitor the side effects of their treatment;
  2. Promote the delivery of evidence based self-care advice in a timely manner; and
  3. Mediate the role of nurses to effectively provide real-time patient support.

Research Design

A two site (Peter Mac and Icon Cancer Care, Qld) randomised controlled trial comparing the PRISMS intervention with usual care.


In addition to analyses comparing outcomes for each group the study comparison of economic outcomes and qualitative components to understand how the intervention impacts on patient self-management of potentially life-threatening treatment side-effects.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


National Health & Medical Research Council

Principal Investigator/s

Professor Sanchia Aranda

Contact Details

Dr Jo Phipps-Nelson

Phone: (03) 8559 5905

Email: [email protected]

Publications & presentations

We will be publishing the results of this study soon. Please check back with us for more details.