Annual review program for gene carriers

The Familial Cancer Centre (FCC) provides long term clinical and psychological support to patients with inherited cancer predisposition syndromes through an established Annual Review Program (ARP). The ARP involves mailing patients a clinical questionnaire annually to identify any unmet medical or psychosocial needs and to ensure adherence to a cancer risk management program. This project will evaluate the ARP to determine if the program is meeting patient’s needs and address the potential cost-effectiveness of the ARP.


Cancer Council NSW (New South Wales) 

Principal investigator/s 

Ms. Lucinda Hossack 

Contact details  

Ms. Lucinda Hossack 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Project group:  

Familial Cancer Research Centre 

Publications and presentations 

Hossack L, Rasmussen V, Young MA, Forrest L, Shanahan M, Hunt C, Mascarenhas L, Michael- Lovatt C, Shanley S, Harris M, Mitchell G. How empowered do carriers of hereditary gene mutations participating in an Annual Review Program feel about managing their cancer risk? Familial Aspects of Cancer 2015 Research and Practice; 2015 Aug 25-28; Kingscliffe, Australia