The Stop Cancer PAIN trial: A guideline implementation

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a suite of strategies designed to implement Australian clinical practice guidelines to improve pain outcomes in adult outpatients with cancer in metropolitan, regional and rural oncology and palliative care settings.


University of Sydney


National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) Accelerator Research Grant

Principal Investigator/s

Chief Investigator: A/Prof Melanie Lovell

Senior Lecturer, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney 

Site Investigator: A/Prof Odette Spruyt

Palliative care consultant

Contact Details

Dr Tim Luckett

University of Technology Sydney

Phone: (02) 9514 4861

Publications & presentations

Lovell, M., Luckett, T., Davidson, P., Stubbs, J., Agar, M., Boyle, F., Forster, B., Marie, N., Spruyt, O., Hosie, A., Birch, M., Phillips, J. Implementation Strategies for Cancer Pain Management Guidelines, Palliative Medicine online

Lovell. M., Luckett, T., Phillips.J. Boyle.F., Davidson. P.M., Stubbs.J., Birch.M., Spruyt.O., Agar, M. Cancer Pain: closing the evidence-practice gap: a transitional research program, December, Melbourne, Aus.

Lovell, MR., Birch, M., Luckett, T., Davidson, PM., Phillips, J., Agar, M., Boyle, FM., Stubbs, J., Spruyt, O. Pilot of Pain Indicator audit tool as part of a complex intervention to improve cancer pain outcome. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 10:45-45 December 2014