Social media in palliative care practice

This study will develop 'Palliverse', a social media platform to enhance connectivity and research collaboration in palliative care.

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Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Principal Investigator/s

Dr Sonia Fullerton

Consultant, palliative medicine

Contact details

Dr Sonia Fullerton

Principal Investigator

[email protected]

Publications & presentations

Anna Collins, Jason Mills, Craig Sinclair, Chi Li, Elissa Campbell, Michael Chapman, Sonia Fullerton, James Jap. Virtual communities of practice such as Palliverse can increase palliative care engagement. 2016 Eur J Pall Care 2016, 23 (2) : p80-83

Elissa Campbell, Michael Chapman, Anna Collins, Sonia Fullerton, James Jap, Chi Li, Jason Mills, Craig Sinclair. Demystifying social media for palliative care – workshop, Palliative Care Australia conference, 2015

Michael Chapman , Sonia Fullerton et al. Exploring the palliverse: designing and implementing an online network for palliative care clinicians and researchers. ANZSPM, 2014