VIP Psychosocial: Psychological and behavioural impact of genomic testing for breast cancer risk

The use of genomic information in healthcare is increasing rapidly, and the inclusion of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) testing to provide a polygenic risk score can be utilized in breast cancer risk assessment to enhance the accuracy of risk assessment and provide a more personalized estimate of breast cancer risk. The purpose of this research is to understand women’s experience of receiving breast cancer risks based on SNP testing results.


National Health & Medical Research Council

Principal Investigator/s

Ms Mary-Anne Young

Contact details

Ms Maatje Scheepers-Joynt

Email: [email protected]

Publications & presentations

Young MA, Forrest L, Rasmussen V, James P, Mitchell G, Sawyer SD, Reeve K, Hallowell N. Making sense of SNPs: Patients’ understanding and experiences of SNP profiling for hereditary breast cancer. Submitted to GIM Nov 2015