Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre Research

The Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre – A Richard Pratt legacy (ACSC) undertakes survivorship research with a range of collaborators. Contact us to find out more about our projects.


  • Cancer survivorship in CALD communities – resources for people from Vietnamese, Italian and Arabic-speaking backgrounds
  • General Practice Placement in Cancer Survivorship
  • How survivors will use survivorship care plans at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • General Practice and Cancer Survivorship video project
  • Improving information provision and support for underserved cancer survivors


  • General Practice Clinical Placement Pilot Program (2015) – funded by the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Integrative Therapies in a Comprehensive Cancer Centre (2015)
  • Cancer Survivorship in CALD communities – resources for people from Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek-speaking backgrounds (2014) – funded by Cancer Australia
  • Evaluation of the implementation of survivorship care plans at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (2014)
  • Development and evaluation of an online educational resource about cancer survivorship for cancer nurses (2013)

Research focus

Research focused on improving the lives of people who have completed cancer treatment.

Research projects


Esther Lim

Manager Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre

Email: [email protected]

Publications, presentations and other

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Book Chapter

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