ProsTIC Preceptorship 2022

In April 2022, ProsTIC proudly showcased our world first two-day preceptorship: "How we do PSMA Theranostics"

In line with one of our program’s key pillars of Education and Leadership, we are pleased to now share an online educational program produced from the 2022 ProsTIC Preceptorship. 

Together with multidisciplinary colleagues and world leading experts we provide you with the latest in research, case studies, practical applications and the future of PSMA Imaging and Theranostics.  

The cancer imaging team at Peter Mac performed our first PSMA PET/CT in 2014, and our first Lutetium PSMA therapy in 2015.

We proudly share with you how we, at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, “do” our successful PSMA program- so you can too!

Please click here to access the Preceptorship website or to purchase the online teaching course.