Consumer-lead development of video resources for patients and caregivers of patients receiving immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a relatively new treatment that helps the body’s own immune system fight cancer. Immunotherapy is increasingly being used as a treatment for melanoma, lung and bladder cancers. For some people, immunotherapy has improved their chance of survival and has stopped cancer from reappearing. However, immunotherapy has the potential for significant and ongoing side effects.

Patients may have to deal with side-effects at home, where they are very reliant upon the assistance of family caregivers. Currently, there is very little information available to help patients and their carers understand and identify the side-effects of immunotherapy.  

The current project will create a video of patients and caregivers speaking on camera about their immunotherapy experiences and coping strategies. The video will be designed for cancer patients, by cancer patients. The project will involve:

  • Interviews with lung, kidney and melanoma patients receiving immunotherapy
  • Co-design workshops to discuss key topic areas and to inform video design
  • Further co-design workshops to ensure the video resources are appropriate for patients prior to being finalised.

The video resources will be designed to be used by patients and carers at home, and also by health professionals within the hospital settings.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Cancer Nurse Society of Australia

Principal Investigator/S

Dr Donna Milne

Email: [email protected]

Contact Details

Ms Amelia Hyatt

Senior Researcher

Ph: 03 8559 7837

Email: [email protected]

Mr Bryce Morkunas

Research Assistant

Ph: 03 8559 7841

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