For young people and families

How we can work with you and your healthcare team to support you at all stages of the cancer journey.

Teenage son and his mother

The ONTrac at Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Service is a team of health and other professionals specialising in the care and support of Victorian young people experiencing cancer aged 15 to 25.

Our service recognises the unique challenges of dealing with cancer at this stage of life. Study, work or travel plans and commitments, new or changing relationships, growing emotional and financial independence and just generally finding your place in the world can all make a cancer diagnosis that much more complicated. Our approach is about providing personalised care that considers your wellbeing as a whole and supports your ongoing engagement with life outside of cancer. 


We can work directly with you and/or in collaboration with other health professionals involved in your care, from any point in your cancer journey from diagnosis through to 12 months after treatment ends. We are a state-wide service, so you do not need to live in Melbourne or receive treatment at Peter Mac in order to access our services.

We offer care and support in relation to the following areas: 

  • Diagnosis and treatment 
  • Physical health, exercise and nutrition (group programs also available)
  • School, education and employment support (group programs also available)
  • Counselling and psychology
  • Music therapy
  • Legal and financial support pathways
  • Fertility and sexual health pathways
  • Genetic counselling pathways
  • Life after treatment and palliative care
  • Community referrals

Our service values a patient-focused and family-inclusive approach, including support for partners and peers. Information, resources and referrals to other professionals are also provided as needed.

We are a public health service and free to access for most patients.


Young people and their families can contact the ONTrac at Peter Mac team directly at (03) 8559 6880 or [email protected], or ask a member of their health care team to do so on their behalf.

While a referral from a member of your health care team is required to access our services, feel free to contact us for more information about what we do and how we may be able to assist in meeting your needs. 


We are based in Melbourne at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in the Youth Cancer Centre on Level 1.