How it works

Telehealth can be for anyone. Ask your Peter Mac team about telehealth - your doctor, nurse or other clinician will confirm if telehealth is suitable before it is booked.

Telehealth can be especially helpful for anyone who finds it difficult to get to Peter Mac or have to travel a long way to get here.  It is also helpful to include your local GP, nurse or oncologist, or other family members, in your Peter Mac appointment.

Ask your Peter Mac team about telehealth.


Then what?

  • If it is suitable, you will get an appointment letter that includes instructions.
  • Please - Do a test call now .

On the day

  • Before your booked appointment, please visit the telehealth webpage and click 'Start video call'.
  • This is like you are attending the clinic at Peter Mac.
  • You'll get a message on screen to confirm "we have seen your call and checked you in". If you do not get this message within about 10 minutes, please call Telehealth on (03) 855 97578 or (03) 855 96212
  • Your call will be placed on hold until your Peter Mac clinician is ready to see you.
  • Remember, like attending the clinic, there will still be a wait involved.

Need bloods or imaging?

  • Your Peter Mac treating team will talk to you about getting bloods or imaging done locally beforehand, if this is needed.


  • If you have rights to free Australian public healthcare, there are no costs to you when using telehealth with Peter Mac.