Peter Mac’s Dr Paul Beavis has received a Young Tall Poppy Award, recognising him as an emerging scientist and outstanding communicator.

Dr Beavis is one of 12 Victorian scientists to receive the award in 2020 – and he’s in contention to be named Victoria’s Young Tall Poppy of the Year at a special event in October.

These awards recognise early to mid-career scientists who combine world-class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science.

Run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS), the awards are held in each state and celebrate researchers across science, engineering and mathematics.

“A more scientifically engaged society is something every scientist should aspire to and the reason that Tall Poppy winners are so important,” says AIPS Chair Professor Maria Kavallaris OAM.

“They also become role models by working with the education and community sectors to encourage greater engagement in science.”

Dr Beavis’ research is focussed on how cancers suppress the immune system, along with working out how breakthrough CAR T Cell therapies can work in solid tumours like they do for blood cancers.

You can watch Dr Beavis talking about his latest research on ABC’s morning TV show.

“It’s a surprise and a pleasure to receive this award – and a big thanks should also go to my research team and colleagues for your support and encouragement,” Dr Beavis says.

The complete list of 2020 Young Tall Poppy recipients in Victoria are:

  • Dr Paul Beavis - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Dr Bei Bei - Monash University
  • Dr Rachel Climie - Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
  • Professor Aniruddha Desai - La Trobe University
  • Associate Professor Nir Eynon - Victoria University
  • Associate Professor Yuming Guo - Monash University
  • Dr Benjamin Henley - Monash University
  • Dr Katherine Livingstone - Deakin University
  • Dr Francine Marques - Monash University
  • Associate Professor Gary Sacks - Deakin University
  • Dr Anna Ugalde - Deakin University
  • Dr Ayse Zengin - Monash University