For International Women's Day, Peter Mac is celebrating leaders from across the organisation in a new exhibition Embracing Equity.

We have a selection of women (and some men) from across Peter Mac who are role models and are leading by example, staying true to themselves while lifting and supporting those around them and forging remarkable careers. 

The exhibition was inspired by Professor Michelle Ryan, Director of the Global Institute of Women's Leadership at The Australian National University, who delivered a powerful address at our Women in Science Symposium last year. 

“Women continue to be under-represented in many of the roles and sectors in society that have the most prestige and the most influence. Attempts to get closer to gender equality are always well intentioned, but some inadvertently try to get there by "fixing women” - telling them to lean further in, to be more confident, to take more risks," Professor Ryan said. 

"Instead of trying to fix women, we should appreciate every individual for who they are and what they bring to the workplace. The people included in this exhibition are role models for all of us - and the diversity in their experiences are to be celebrated.” 

The full exhibition is available to view now on level 7.