Peter Mac has visitor restrictions in place to keep our patients, staff and the community safe.

We currently have limits on both the type (see dot-point list below) and number of visitors our patients can receive.

Visitors must fall into one of these “permitted” categories:

  • Providing essential care or support for the patient’s immediate physical or emotional wellbeing
  • A parent, carer or guardian of a person under the age of 18
  • As a nominated person (as defined in the Mental Health Act 2014), including for patients living with dementia
  • As an interpreter or to provide language support
  • To learn to support the patient or resident’s care upon discharge
  • As the partner or support person of a patient in maternity care, or pregnancy
  • Accompanying a patient to an emergency department or outpatient patient appointment, if necessary
  • Is immediate family (including kinship) of a patient with life-threatening condition
  • End of life support or immediate family member(s) (including kinship) of a patient whose medical condition is life threatening

If you do not fall into one of these permitted categories, unfortunately you cannot visit at this time.

Visiting inpatients in our wards

Our inpatients can have only two permitted visitors at one time – and no more than two permitted visitors per day.

Patients receiving end of life care can have up to two visitors at a time, with a maximum of 4 visitors per day.

A group may exceed the “two visitors at a time” rule if dependents of a visitor (or patient in hospital) are in the group and care for the dependents cannot be arranged.

Visiting to support an outpatient attending their appointment

 For patients in ambulatory settings and who are receiving treatment, one support person can accompany each patient, if required

For all visitors, please note the following applies on entering our building

For all visitors, a pre-attendance risk assessment is undertaken. Visitors who fail the pre-attendance risk assessment are prohibited from entering the health service, unless an exemption applies. Only in exceptional circumstances can a hospital allow a person to visit a hospital if they are a known contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, or a returned overseas traveller in mandatory quarantine, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Exemptions can only be authorised by senior hospital staff and, in some instances, must also be approved by the Chief Health Officer / Deputy Chief Health Officer due to the risks involved. Strict conditions may apply to these visits. Please discuss this with hospital staff. 

Visitors must also

  • Wash your hands after using lifts, holding railings and every time you enter and exit the patient’s room  
  • Follow rules about visitor and time limits   
  • Limit movement around the hospital as much as possible   
  • Limit the number of personal items you bring into the hospital  
  • Follow rules about wearing specific masks, gloves or gowns if requested by staff.
  • Please do not present to the hospital if you are unwell.
  • Follow Department of Health guidelines on COVID-19 testing and isolation requirements.

If you would like more information please visit the Department of Health website.