In line with new Department of Health advice, visitors will be permitted back on Peter Mac wards from 8am on Friday, June 25

The new advice permits a MAX of FIVE visitors per day, TWO at any one time. 

There are exceptions for patients on end of life care - please speak with the nurse in charge. 

One person is permitted to accompany patients to outpatient appointments as an essential care-giver if required.

Please also advised that all visitors to Peter Mac sites MUST:

  • Be free of any symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Not have visited the list of public exposure sites during the specified hours; and
  • If the visitor was a resident in hotel quarantine in the last 7 days, provide confirmation that they have had a negative test 7 days post leaving hotel quarantine;
  • Undertake pre-attendance screening and temperature checks;
  • Practice physical distancing;
  • Wear a mask in clinical and non-clinical areas.
  • Wash and sanitise hands regularly;
  • Limit their movement around the building (don’t attend multiple locations)

Please do not present to the hospital if you are unwell. Please follow Department of Health guidelines on COVID-19 testing and isolation requirements. If you have any questions about your upcoming appointment or treatment, please contact your treating team.

If you would like more information please visit the Department of Health website.