Last year, at only 18 years old, Abbey was shocked to discover she had Hodgkins Lymphoma and would need to undergo months of cancer treatment, and her recovery would take a huge toll on her.

During this incredibly difficult time for the family, Abbey’s parents, Kate and Greg decided to join the virtual Unite to Fight Cancer event in 2020.  

Kate said, ‘I guess we signed up to Unite as it was really the only thing we could actually do to maybe make a difference… not directly to help Abbey but it made us feel like we were helping Peter Mac when in all other aspects of her cancer journey we felt pretty helpless.’

Having to go through a cancer journey during lockdown in Melbourne, Unite to Fight Cancer was a helpful outlet and good reason to get out of the house to do some training. 

"For us in a really dark time, participating in Unite enabled us to shift the focus for a while, if only for a couple of hours a week. It may have been going for a ride that made us feel a bit lighter, or reading other people's stories to make you realise that you weren't the only ones going through it but most of all, we felt really good about what we were doing."

During Unite to Fight Cancer last year, Kate and Greg managed to raise more than $18,000 for cancer research and will be back try it all again in 2021.

"We will continue to support Peter Mac each year. We will be forever grateful for their care of Abbey and making our gorgeous girl well again."

Support other people affected by cancer by challenging yourself and your mates to walk 60km or ride 200km over 10 days in October and raise vital funds to fight cancer. 

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