Peter Mac researcher Dr Andrew Cox has been awarded a Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council to support his research into metabolic control of organ growth and regeneration

Dr Cox’s research centres on understanding how organ size is controlled, and how these processes relate to the development of cancer.

‘One of the fundamental questions in biology is to understand how organ size is regulated at the cellular and organism level,’ says Dr Cox.

To address this question his research focuses on the role of the Hippo/Yap pathway, which is critical in normal organ development. He uses zebrafish as a model system to gain new and important insights into how Hippo/Yap works within whole organisms.

‘This research proposal will use zebrafish to unravel the role that the Hippo/Yap pathway plays in reprogramming lipid metabolism to fuel tissue growth in development and regeneration. Ultimately, this work aims to identify metabolic dependencies required for organ growth and regeneration,’ explains Dr Cox.

Dr Cox’s Fellowship is one of only 100 awarded across Australia, from a pool of nearly 600 applications.