Peter Mac’s strategic plan for the next five years will see us continuing our proud history of providing nothing but the best in cancer care and research.

Peter Mac’s strategic plan (2020-2025) is unique in our history, as it has been developed in the midst of a global pandemic.

While we have responded and adjusted to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained steadfast in our pursuit of excellence as we continue to lift the standard of cancer care for all Australians.

We are dedicated to continuously innovating to increase access to care, maximise quality of life and improve patient outcomes. We plan to increase our national and global presence and further our existing impact on cancer care through education and by leading and collaborating on landmark cancer research locally and worldwide.

Our five-year plan builds on our core values of innovation, excellence, compassion and our specialist expertise in cancer care, treatment, research and education.

Our vision is to continuously improve cancer care, research and education across all cancers and for all people affected by cancer: changing lives, breaking new ground.

To do this, we will focus on five interrelated strategic pillars:

1.  World's best cancer care
We will constantly innovate to deliver evidence-based, person-centred care that maximises quality of life and improves patient outcomes across the cancer continuum.

2.  World’s best cancer discovery and translation
We will generate new scientific knowledge that transforms our understanding of all aspects of cancer and drives continued enhancement of our integrated research and clinical care.

3.  Networks, partnerships and enterprise
We will cultivate networks, develop partnerships and invest in enterprises that ensure excellence in cancer care, education and research. We will build our commercial capability and capacity, always with the aim of improving outcomes for people with cancer.

4.  World-class cancer education
We will proactively provide high-quality education to our workforce, students, patients, at-risk populations, carers and the community on all aspects of cancer prevention, detection, treatment and long-term management.

5.  Our people

We will attract and retain an expert, diverse and highly committed workforce that is supported to deliver the highest quality research, education and clinical care.

Progress towards our strategic pillars will be supported by three ‘strategic enablers’:

1.  High-trust, high-performance culture

We will cultivate a high-trust, high-performance culture at Peter Mac for our workforce, patients and partners that enables us to activate and realise our purpose as an institution

2.  Sustainability

We will improve our operational effectiveness and environmental stewardship to cement our position as a vibrant, financially and environmentally sustainable healthcare organisation.

3.  Digital and connected health

We will become a fully digitised healthcare organisation, harnessing advanced technology and digital capabilities to increase access to care and improve patient outcomes.

To read more, download the full Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Strategic Directions 2020-2025.