View a discussion with Peter Mac's Dr David Kok and SunSmart's Heather Walker, talking all things skin cancer and sun protection.

As part of Peter Mac’s World Cancer Day community outreach program this summer, Peter Mac invited members of the community to listen to a discussion between Radiation Oncologist, Dr David Kok and Head of the Cancer Council Victoria's SunSmart Program, Heather Walker.

Both David and Heather are experts on skin cancer and passionate about promoting the importance of skin cancer prevention and early detection.

What are the signs, symptoms and risk factors of skin cancer? How do we balance the need for vitamin D with the risk of UV radiation? What exactly is UV radiation? How often should we be getting our skin checked? Are aerosol sunscreens any good? 

These are the questions we put to the experts yesterday when Peter Mac went live on YouTube - here is what they had to say.