Eating and drinking well are important during a person’s cancer journey.

This project will develop interactive resources to support implementation of the CanEAT pathway to guide nutrition (diet) care across a patients journey

To design the best interactive resources, we need to listen to your story and experience of nutrition care. 

We want you to be involved in the development of interactive resources to support a cancer nutrition pathway from start to end and hear about your experience with nutrition care to improve the lives of other people with cancer

Participation involves:

  • completing a survey and/or
  • attending workshop(s) with health professionals to design the resources

Can you participate?

Have you had, or have a diagnosis of cancer and:

  •   Currently have, or have undergone cancer treatment in Victoria and/or care/cared for someone that does;
  •   Aged 18 years and over and;
  •   English speaking.

For more information, or to register your interest to participate please contact:

Project Officer Rebecca McIntosh

E: [email protected]

Ph: (03) 8559 5163