An influential prostate cancer study, co-authored by Peter Mac experts, has been named European Urology’s Best Scientific Paper of 2021.

Published in late 2021, the paper related results of the PRIMARY imaging trial.

PRIMARY investigated whether adding PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen) scanning to MRI prior to biopsy could be helpful in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The trial showed improved results, which have now led to the PRIMARY 2 study.

Highly-regarded, European Urology has the highest impact factor of all surgical journals.

PRIMARY was a collaboration between Peter Mac clinicians and researchers Dr James Buteau, Associate Professor Daniel Moon, Dr Omar Alghazo, Professor Nathan Lawrentschuk, Professor Declan Murphy and Professor Michael Hofman, led by Professor Louise Emmett at the Garvan Institute, her colleague Professor Philip Stricker, and other Australian researchers.

291 men took part in the trial, with Peter Mac recruiting the most participants of all contributing centres. Peter Mac’s Associate Professor Daniel Moon recruited almost 100 patients.

The PRIMARY 2 Peter Mac sponsored phase 3 trial is currently recruiting, with a goal of 660 participants. The multicentre, randomised trial is co-ordinated by Peter Mac’s ProsTIC (the Prostate Cancer Theranostics Imaging Centre of Excellence) with funding from the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Peter MacCallum Foundation and further philanthropic support through Louise Emmett, St Vincent’s NSW.

ProsTIC will host a two-day education event for clinical professionals in Melbourne on Friday 1 April and Saturday 2 April 2022.