All inpatients have arrived safely at Peter Mac’s new home within the VCCC building.

A total of 36 patients were moved over the course of the day. The last patient departed Peter Mac's East Melbourne site at 2.25pm arriving safely in their new ward by 3.00pm. A further two patients have been newly admitted to Peter Mac in its new home this afternoon.

Patients are now settling into their rooms and being visited by their families and loved ones.

According to Peter Mac Chief Executive Dale Fisher, the day ran safely and smoothly.

“Patients are delighted by their new surrounds, and are very grateful for the care they have received.

“However, we are still in the very early stages of this transition and we are all focused on ensuring everything continues to run smoothly over the coming weeks.

“Tomorrow is another big day as we welcome many day therapy patients to Peter Mac's new home for services such as cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

“We want to thank all Victorians for their wonderful messages of support over the course of today and for caring so much about all people affected by cancer.”

Stand down of clinical services at East Melbourne will occur at 4.45pm tonight ending Peter Mac's 22 years of caring service at 2 St Andrews Place.

Peter Mac will commence full service operations in its new home from tomorrow, Friday 24 June 2016.

For more information: please contact:

  • Danny Rose: 0407 250 088, Peter Mac VCCC Building
  • Lydia Richards: 0418 572 402, Peter Mac East Melbourne
  • Julie Bissinella: 0478 199 791, Peter Mac, VCCC building

MEDIA RELEASE: Peter Mac's historic inpatient move complete