Patients now have the added protection and reassurance that their care is delivered by a COVID-19 vaccinated workforce.

All Peter Mac staff are now either fully vaccinated, have received one COVID-19 jab or are booked to get this within days.

The Victorian Chief Health Officer’s vaccination order covering all Victorian healthcare facilities comes into effect from today.

And today we’re also standing with our colleagues in the Parkville Precinct – the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Royal Women’s Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital – in support of COVID-19 vaccination.

Medical Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Peter Mac Associate Professor Leon Worth said the benefits of vaccinating people who work in healthcare settings were clear.

“I’d like to thank our staff for their collective effort to roll up their sleeve and get vaccinated against COVID-19,” Associate Professor Worth said.

“Not only does this reduce personal risk, it significantly boosts the healthcare system’s pandemic defences and helps to protect vulnerable patients.”

Peter Mac’s patients in particular will benefit. They can have compromised immune function as a result of cancer or treatment, placing them at higher risk from COVID-19 or any infection.

Some cancer patients may also have reduced benefit from vaccines, highlighting the importance of vaccinating their family and close contacts including those who care for them.

The Chief Health Officer’s order applies to everyone who works directly for Peter Mac and indirectly in our buildings – doctors, nurses and our research staff through to security staff and café workers - in Parkville and our campuses across Melbourne and Victoria.

Any remaining unvaccinated staff must be booked in for their jab by 29 October, and must be fully vaccinated by 15 December.