Peter Mac is proud to be a research partner in The Brain Cancer Centre, a new collaboration to translate brain cancer research discoveries into new treatments

Established by Carrie Bickmore’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer and led by WEHI, the centre will bring together Australia’s brightest medical research minds to end brain cancer as a terminal illness.

The centre has been established with an initial commitment of $40 million, which includes a foundational gift from Beanies 4 Brain Cancer and a $16 million commitment from the Victorian Government plus additional support from WEHI and partner organisations.

The Brain Cancer Centre will drive new collaborations, push forward with novel treatments, develop better predictors of how brain cancer develops and ultimately accelerate more effective and targeted treatments for patients.

The Brain Cancer Centre includes research collaborations between WEHI, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Monash University, the University of Queensland and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

The teams will concentrate their efforts on new brain cancer discoveries, diagnostics and treatments.

WEHI Director and Head of The Brain Cancer Centre, Professor Doug Hilton AO, said improving outcomes for children and adults with brain cancer required a sustained, coordinated and long- term commitment to collaborative research and discovery.

“The Brain Cancer Centre will provide the increased momentum and collaboration needed to take our vision of ending brain cancer as a terminal illness and make it a reality. It will enable us to attract the best new talent and build our local capabilities in brain cancer research and translation, and to develop new treatments that will be more effective with fewer side effects, improving quality of life.

“By combining the scientific knowledge and clinical expertise of Australia’s top brain cancer researchers, and training the next generation of leading brain cancer researchers, the Centre will have the best chance of making the long-term and transformative discoveries that will have a real impact on brain cancer patients, now and in the future,” he said.

Carrie Bickmore said she was excited to see The Brain Cancer Centre brought to life after years of fundraising efforts.

“We want every Australian diagnosed with brain cancer to have access to the best possible outcome and The Brain Cancer Centre, which is only possible because of the generosity of everyday Australians, is making that a reality,” she said.

Find out more by visiting The Brain Cancer Centre website.