Last night, we were relieved to learn that a staff member, who earlier this week tested positive for COVID-19, was actually a ‘false positive’.

This means the team member does not have the coronavirus (COVID-19) and that close contacts no longer need to self-isolate.

Last night, we worked quickly to get in contact with the individuals involved. We have now spoken with all affected staff and patients, and the overwhelming feeling was one of relief.

While we’re very sorry for the emotional energy that this has taken from our staff and patients – we’re also relieved for the people involved.

We’re confident that, should we be faced with this situation again, we know exactly how to enact all the state-wide protocols.

No testing regime is perfect and we’re indebted to our colleagues who check and recheck such results in laboratory settings.

We are offering support to each staff member and patient who would like to access it.