Men with low risk prostate cancer, and their partners, are needed to take part in a study which is assessing a new online tool designed to help navigate their treatment.  

The “Navigate” tool has been developed with feedback and ideas from people with first-hand experience of prostate cancer. 

Principal Investigator Professor Penelope Schofield said the tool’s aim was to help men to understand and choose between the different options available to manage their cancer. 

“Our research found that deciding on which treatment option is best for managing low risk prostate cancer can be confusing for men and their partners and carers,” Prof Schofield says.

“Navigate has the potential to completely change the landscape, alleviating stress and making it much easier for men to make informed decisions on the best treatment plan for them.

“A research trial is now being run nationally to test Navigate and collect data on the potential benefits for the thousands of Australian men diagnosed with low risk prostate cancer every year.” 

The tool includes a decision-making section which asks men and their partners to identify what is important to them. This helps to arrive at a treatment decision or approach which can later be discussed with their doctor.

The tool has sections for gay and bisexual men to provide information, support and resources for these unique groups.

It also has over 40 videos of men, partners, oncologists, urologists and specialist prostate nurses. These videos cover personal experiences, recommendations and advice and health information so newly diagnosed men can have a range of perspectives and experiences to help them with making their treatment decision.

The Swinburne University funded project is now actively recruiting from Peter Mac, Cabrini Health, Austin Health, Alfred Health and Western Health.

Men can register their interest (and check if they are eligible to participate) at Once registered, the research team will be in contact and eligibility criteria will be confirmed with their treating doctor. Partners are also welcome to participate.

This is a randomised study meaning some participants will be given access to the new tool and others will receive conventional support in order to assess if the tool leads to better health outcomes.

For more information on the trial, please contact Project Manager Natalie Richards on 03 8559 7453 or email [email protected]