Celebrated Australian artist Ted May has donated a second artwork to Peter Mac this week.

The 2015 piece from his latest series Wundergarten is titled Boy Tree, Girl Tree and is on display on level two near the 2D Specialist Clinic waiting area. 

“I offered this work to Peter Mac, hoping that those who view it will feel some form of associated comfort during their stay,” Mr May explains. 

“Viewing art engages your mind and your body and for a moment you can have a little release from your own problems. 

“To me, art in this kind of space is very important and (donating) should be something that more artists do all the time.”

The artist has painted landscape “in all its abstractions” for much of his career but has recently decided to combine that with his passion for life drawing for his latest series.

“I’ve been taking life drawing classes for some 40 years and as a landscape painter I thought it was about time I put the two together,” he said. 

“This is from a series of works that combine both human form and tree forms. It is set on a brown barren horizon to make them seem monumental characters.

“It’s not a landscape as you know it and it gives the viewer a little bit of a challenge.”

This latest gift to Peter Mac joins more than 900 works all donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program which encourages gifts of art from private collectors to enhance the collections of public galleries, museums, libraries and hospitals.

A big thanks to Mr May for his generosity. 

New Art: Peter Mac Art Curator Svetlana Karovich pictured with artist Ted May in front of his painting Boy Tree, Girl Tree.