National Reconciliation Week is recognised as an important cultural event across Australia, that celebrates and builds the respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples and other Australians. This year’s theme is Be Brave, Make Change.

Celebrated from the 27th of May to the 3rd of June, Reconciliation Week marks the dates of the 1967 referendum which removed discriminatory clauses from the Australian Constitution, and the historic Mabo decision which saw the Australian High Court recognise native title.

This week is an important time to learn about our shared histories cultures and achievements, while exploring how we can all contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

A recent Peter Mac National Reconciliation Week Survey 2022 found:

  • 90% of staff consider NRW important
  • 40% of staff have a limited understanding or very limits understanding of reconciliation
  • 90% do not recall any reconciliation events at their local clinical level in the last 2 years
  • 59% do not know the core principles of Peter Mac’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

Peter Mac is committed to educating our staff and enhancing our culture - which values and acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We recognise that reconciliation is not only important for First Nations Peoples, but for all Australians.

We will  commemorating Reconciliation Week with Smoking Ceremonies on Friday, Monday and Wednesday. Opera singing on Wednesday in the ground floor amphitheatre and educational discussions on this week’s Peter Mac Live on Friday 3rd of June. See the website or Connect events page for more information.

Join us this week, as we celebrate reconciliation and what it means across our hospital.