Phoebe Linton has been working at Peter Mac since the end of 2017, where she completed her graduate year of study and placement in Peter Mac's Ward 3A, before moving in to theatre.

What attracted you to nursing?

My mum is a nurse so I grew up hearing so much about the job and it’s always interested me. I just really like being around people and caring for them and oncology nursing was something that really interested me as I’ve had a lot of people in my life that have suffered from cancer.

Can you tell me about your path to becoming a nurse at Peter Mac?

During my undergraduate year I was really lucky to get a placement with Peter Mac at Home, which is the nursing service here that provides in-home care such as chemotherapy, wound management and post-treatment care to patients who may have difficulty getting into the hospital. I absolutely loved doing that and worked with some of the most incredible, caring nurses that I’ve met anywhere, at any hospital. 

Those nurses made me realise that Peter Mac was where I wanted to be and I felt it was a really great fit. I started my grad year on Ward 3A, and I loved it there. It’s the head, neck and lung cancer ward and we also cared for adolescent and skin cancer patients, so it was a bit of a mix of everything. It was really hard to decide where I wanted to go after my grad year but I felt I’d like to do theatre as there's three different roles within it (scrub scout, anaesthetics and recovery). In theatre, we get to be part of really big specialist cancer procedures that don't happen often at other hospitals.

What’s it like working at Peter Mac?

I really, really love it and I don't ever want to leave. All the staff are awesome, the centre is state-of-the-art and our patients are really thankful and appreciative of everything we do, so you can’t ask for more than that.

What makes a Peter Mac nurse different?

I think, particularly on the wards, nurses go through a lot with their patients and you get very connected and attached to them. The relationship we have with them is incredible and there truly is a patient-centred approach to every aspect of care at Peter Mac.

What would you say to a nurse considering a job or grad program position at Peter Mac?

Definitely, definitely come here. Put it as your first preference. The support you get is second to none. I did placements at lots of different hospitals, like all nurses do, and I've never felt as supported as I did at Peter Mac. The educators and Nurse Unit Managers are there for you all the time and you can ask them anything.

What’s your message to nurses at Peter Mac and beyond this International Nurses Day?

Just keep smiling and doing what you're doing. Peter Mac’s nurses are such great people and I'm so proud to work with them and all the other inspirational staff across the centre. We do a tough job but as long as we are supporting each other I feel we can achieve anything.