Peter Mac has launched a series of new video resources to help patients and visitors navigate their way Peter Mac and better understand the services available to our patients.

Associate Professor Caroline Owen said the videos, developed by students at Swinburne University, are designed to help patients navigate their cancer experience.

“We know how challenging it can be for patients and their families when they come to hospital for treatment for the first time,” Caroline said.

“Eight videos are now available on the Peter Mac website covering a range of different topics from how to get to our Parkville campus to information about staying in hospital as an inpatient and services like Radiation Therapy.

“The new resources have been developed to give patients important information about topics like where to go when they come to Peter Mac, what to bring and what to expect when they’re preparing for their appointment. 

“The videos have been created by Motion Design students at the Swinburn University of Technology and we’re very grateful for the amazing job they have done,” she said.

Associate Professor Owen said this is the second time Peter Mac and Swinburne Uni students have collaborated to design information for patients.

“The students at Swinburne have previously created videos to explain what happens when patients have an appointment in specialist clinics or radiation therapy as well as the support available through our Wellbeing Centre and Youth Cancer Centre,” she said.

“These new videos available it will hopefully give everyone a better understanding of how things work at Peter Mac and help to make the experience of being a patient that little bit easier.

“We also have a PDF booklet ‘Finding your way around Peter Mac Melbourne’ on the Peter Mac website to outline which services are found on the different floors of our Parkville campus,” she said.

Links to the videos below can be found here:

  • Advance Care Planning: Patient Information
  • Day Therapy: Patient Introduction
  • Inpatient Room: Patient Introduction
  • Inpatient Room: Introduction to the meal ordering system
  • Radiation Therapy: Patient Introduction
  • Specialist Clinics: Patient Introduction
  • Wayfinding: Getting to Peter Mac Melbourne
  • Wayfinding: Floor details in the Melbourne building