The Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) is underway in Switzerland, and Peter Mac’s Professor Declan Murphy is providing his expert insights from this international forum.

You can hear Prof Murphy interview leading figures at the conference in a three-part series on his “GU Cast” podcast. See the links below.

Prof Murphy says the APCCC brings together “top leaders in prostate cancer from around the world” to discuss “the most contentious areas in prostate cancer, and have a series of votes among the expert panel to try to reach consensus on some of the most challenging areas in prostate cancer”.

Discussion points so far include PSMA PET-CT scanning as an emerging way to detect and monitor prostate cancer that has spread outside of the prostate, and implications for treatment.

Prof Murphy is a Consultant Urologist and Director of Genito-Urinary (GU) Oncology at Peter Mac. Also representing Peter Mac as an invited panellist at the APCCC is Prof Michael Hofman – Director of the Prostate Cancer Theranostics and Imaging Centre of Excellence (ProsTIC).

Listen to GU Cast - APCCC Highlights Part 1 or watch this episode on YouTube.
Prof Murphy interviews APCCC Convenors, Dr Silke Gillessen and Dr Aurelius Omlin, and panellists Dr Pierre Blanchard, Dr Jochen Walz, and Dr Bertrand Tombal, along with patient representative David Mathesen. Plus Dr Derya Tilki turns the microphone on Declan! 

Listen to GU Cast - APCCC Highlights Part 2 or watch this episode on YouTube

Prof Murphy says imaging has played a very dominant (and disruptive) role at APCCC 2022, especially PSMA PET/CT. Declan interviews four imaging experts to hear their thoughts. Nuclear Medicine physicians Professor Michael Hofman (Melbourne), Professor Stefano Fanti (Bologna) and Dr Ken Herrmann (Essen), were joined by MRI guru Professor Anwar Padhani (London). Dr Marcus Cumberbatch, Consultant Urologist at the University of Sheffield Hospital (Sheffield), and Melbourne alumnus, gives a great perspective of his experience as a delegate at APCCC. Finally (for this episode), Declan speaks with top prostate cancer specialists Dr Neha Vapiwala, Radiation Oncologist at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadephia), and Dr Elena Castro, Medical Oncologist at the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital (Malaga). 

Listen to GU Cast - APCCC Highlights Part 3 or watch this episode on YouTube

Prof Murphy chats with Dr Axel Merseberger (Lubeck), Dr Jochen Walk (Marseille), Ms Jane Fisher (Melbourne), and Dr Chris Sweeney (Boston/Adelaide). Plus listen out for fantastic father and son act, Professor Joe and Oisin O'Sullivan, who played for the crowds outside the Villa Cian. ​​​​​​​