Every woman's experience of cancer is different but talking to another woman who has had cancer can help. Counterpart connects, supports, and informs women with breast or a gynaecological cancer to live well.

Peer support

Our highly trained and professional Peer Support Volunteers, who have had their own experience with breast or a gynaecological cancer, give you emotional support, understanding, hope and comfort. Counterpart means you are not alone.

Our services are confidential and free. We offer phone support and can help you find reliable, evidenced-based information that is tailored for your needs and individual circumstance.

To receive a call from our peer support team, complete the easy request form on our website: https://counterpart.org.au/support-services/ or call us at 1300 781 500.

Bridge of Support

Bridge of Support (BOS) is a weekly in-hospital program. Counterpart Peer Support Volunteers visit Peter Mac and provide support to women receiving chemotherapy. (This in-hospital visiting program is currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Counterpart events

Join us for our upcoming sessions. Our information, wellbeing and creative sessions are all free, are offered on a regular basis and are open to women with breast or a gynaecological cancer. They are all currently online. View our events and book a session: https://counterpart.org.au/event-category/info-sessions/

Wish to know more about what we do?

Visit our website: www.counterpart.org.au